Name of country: Spain  |   Type of regions: Developed  |   Type of HEI: Knowledge transfer    |   Intervenients: Academia    |   Duration: Ongoing

BP description:

STARTUP project concerns promoting and assisting students and graduates in entrepreneurial technological activities. All the initiatives, projects and companies that belong to STARTUPV become links in an enterprising value chain, which pull one from another. As part of this entrepreneurial ecosystem, the entrepreneurial projects, start-up’s and companies benefit and benefit from the institutional support, the services of the UPV and the network of experts of the UPV Ideas Institute. Likewise, entrepreneurs must bring their experience and time to the ecosystem for the benefit of others.


Graduate and post-graduate students and UPV

Entrepreneurial Discovery Process:

Industry: 15 % HEI: 85%

Strategic Alignment:

Effective buy-in Still no strategic alignment, although there is a university prior map-setting in their strategic action plan.


Industry, academia and student’s workload