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Name of country: Spain  |   Type of regions: Developed  |   Type of HEI: Knowledge transfer    |   Intervenients: Academia    |   Duration: Ongoing

BP description:

PCUV is an initiative aimed at strengthening links between the university's scientific potential and the productive system, generating knowledge, fostering innovation processes, promoting the creation of science-based companies and contributing, thus, the economic and social development of our environment. In an academic environment, together with other research centres of the University of Valencia and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). PCUV provides spaces and services to companies derived from university research -spin-off- and to external companies or Business R & D departments with content related to the nature of this agency for innovation. Its mission is to generate employment, wealth and welfare through the social profitability of knowledge.


The CPUV Foundation in collaboration with UV.

Entrepreneurial Discovery Process:

Industry: 25% HEI: 25% Society: 25% Government: 25%

Strategic Alignment:

Open innovation - Still no strategic alignment, although there is a university prior map-setting in their strategic action plan.


The Research Centers at UV collaborate with companies and public and private entities from all over the world within the framework of the UV Network.