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Name of country: Spain  |   Type of regions: Developed  |   Type of HEI: Knowledge transfer    |   Intervenients: Academia    |   Duration: Ongoing

BP description:

Valencia Space Consortium (VSC) carries out scientific research and technological development services in any field related to the space sector, increasing safety and quality of production of space systems as well as conducting all activities aimed, directly or indirectly, to achieve social and economic progress in Europe in the space sector


Composed of Generalitat Valenciana, the city hall of Valencia, Universitat Politècnica de València and Universitat de València Estudi General

Entrepreneurial Discovery Process:

Industry: 5 % HEI: 45% Society: 5% Government: 45%

Strategic Alignment:

Network with similar bodies Still no strategic alignment, although there is a university prior map-setting in their strategic action plan.


European Space Agency has put in Val Space Consortium for jointly manage the Laboratory of High Power RF